Real Estate has always been one of the major investments for people who look for a better return over a longer period of time. Real Estate is considered to be one of the safest bets in investment sectors but people behind the scenes who are actually involved in the nitty-gritty would know the tedious process required to achieve the profit goal. Owners or landlords who lease out their flats to tenants are well aware of the bottlenecks in this process. There are numerous problems like a rent agreement, deposits/token money, verification/documentation of tenants, taxes, and maintenance that arise while renting out your dream apartment.

Relocatte is a one-stop-shop that eliminates all the below mentioned problems and a few others which one encounters during any property related negotiation.

  • Long Term Rental Lease Agreement for both Tenant and Landlord

Typically, a rental lease agreement has a time period of 11 months, which means every year the agreement needs to be renewed. There are also chances that tenants might leave the property during the agreement period due to various reasons.

However, Relocatte aggregates all possible problems of the landlord and the tenant to provide them with a long-term rental lease agreement which is pre-approved by both the parties on agreed terms and conditions.

This ensures that the landlord and tenant both have the same benefit of not having to renew the agreement time and again.

  • Acquiring Verified Tenants

Every tenant routed through Relocatte is drilled through an extensive background and documentation check.

This feature is a huge sigh of relief for landlords as they would not have to initiate any verification process or do follow-ups with the police station.

Relocatte ensures that the standard verification process is followed for every tenant and agreement.

  • Ensuring the flow of timely rental income

Relocatte makes sure that the landlord receives a guaranteed monthly income in lieu of the lease.

To make things more transparent for both the landlord and tenant involved, the Relocatte Web Application provides all the required information and details related to the rental payment.

Landlords can access and scrutinize information about the tenant and the rental income easily at any point in time.

Such kind of flexibility and transparency allows landlords to be unperturbed about the property or rental money recovery as the Relocatte Web Application manages almost everything.

  • To and fro Property Visit Scheduling

The Relocatte Web Application also helps to schedule or coordinate property visits for tenants.

With just a click, anyone can set a time and ensure the presence of both the landlord and tenant at the property for the visit.

  • Regular maintenance and repair work

To top up the existing line of features, Relocatte also efficiently takes care of the maintenance and repair work.

This eventually aids towards improvement in the upkeep of the property which proves beneficial for both the parties.

Relocatte takes an extra step to furnish your flat aesthetically so that the property value increases manifold.

  • No Brokerage

One of the major attractions of Relocatte is its “No Brokerage Fees” feature. Relocatte never charges its property owners of any Brokerage fees.

However, if the landlord insists on hiring a local broker, Relocatte readily agrees to share the brokerage money with the respective broker.

In a scenario where the landlord changes his mind and wishes to sell his property due to any unforeseen exigency, Relocatte provides ample support towards the finalization of the property sale.

  • Damage Protection up to 10 Lakhs

To gain the trust and credibility of every landlord involved for rental lease, Relocatte provides a sturdy damage protection insurance worth 10 Lakhs.

Even though there are a host of features and benefits that Relocatte provides, the comfort and peace of mind with which the landlord is bestowed is unmatched. So, if you are the proud owner of a property and wish to lease it out with no hassles, reach out to the Relocatte Team today.

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